Superior Management Programme

As well as the individual programmes our flagship ‘Superior Management’ programme delivers a customised approach on a modular basis so that you can build your own programme according to your development priorities.

This programme is for managers who want to develop their core management skills. It is a robust journey through all aspects of management from the perspective of people based results to organisational strategy and implementation.


By the end of the course, the managers will have a full understanding of how to build their management capabilities to maximise performance through their team and within the organisation.

This course incorporates both the theory and practice of management in its truest sense and provides delegates with a real insight into how managers can enhance their personal profile and contribution to the organisation.

The Superior Management programme addresses the three core management issues and their interactions

  • Managing yourself
  • Managing your team
  • Managing within the organisations

There are a significant number of modules to choose from within each of the above headlines to enable you to tailor your own programme according to need. This enables a focus on the priorities of the organisation. Each of the above is set within a specific context determined by you in consultation with us.

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We look forward to being able to tailor the Superior Management programme to your own needs

Should it be required, the development programme can also be endorsed and certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management

Institute of Leadership and Management