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Procentus is at the forefront of leadership development. It’s association with Professor John Adair and Adair International means that it has a formidable consultancy network from which to develop Leadership programmes and engage in the leadership debate.

The Procentus Leadership Academy focuses on all aspects of leadership, and uses the body of work of Professor John Adair to harmonise the complex issues of leadership into an easily applied discipline which is of great practical use in any organisation.

John Adair's Action Centred Leadership Model is a powerful learning experience for leaders within all organisations and his works have been instrumental in overturning the 'Great Man' theories of leadership.

Although John Adair is best known for his Three Circles Model, his work taken as a whole, offers you a comprehensive, coherent and essentially practical philosophy of leadership and leadership development. It enables leaders to both become their best and to give their best as leaders. Leadership is one of the key issues in these dynamic times.

That philosophy revolves around the concept that there is such a thing as a generic role of leader. The role and responsibilities of a leader are universal in: all working contexts; all fields of enterprise, and all levels of leadership. The Three Circle Model symbolises it. What changes with level is the degree and extent of complexity, but not the underlying nature and role of leadership.

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Procentus Leadership Academy

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Procentus Consulting are fully accredited to deliver Action Centred Leadership programmes.

We are also the accreditation body for for trainers wishing to gain certification as Adair accredited trainers in the Middle East and India.

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